Katie Dunneback, proprietess of the BAM Challenge, is the daughter of a librarian and a lawyer/English major and has been surrounded by books her entire life. Being a librarian is in her blood (third-generation), and her specialty and passion is adult popular materials – genre fiction in particular.

When Katie conceived of the BAM Challenge in the stupor prior to falling asleep one night, she envisioned it as an easy way for herself and other librarians like her (reader advisors) to become more familiar with different types of books. What makes the BAM Challenge especially appealing is that anyone can choose any type of book as long as it relates to the month’s theme. Adults can read any level book they please! Families can do it together! Teachers can use it as a class project! The possibilities are endless. Above all, Katie hopes you enjoy the reading adventure.

If you would like to suggest or even write up a challenge, you can e-mail us at bamchallenge{AT}gmail.com.