Wow.  Day two and we already have 16 people signed up and a library asking if they can steal the idea.

Housekeeping Item #1:
If you work for a library that would like to steal the idea of the BAM Challenge, please feel free to do so.  All I ask is you e-mail me at bamchallenge{AT} to notify me what you’re doing, along with a link to your library’s website (info about the program preferred).  Why?  I want the BAM Challenge to grow into a great resource, and by having programs profiled, libraries can learn from each other and adapt great ideas for local use.

Housekeeping Item #2:
Comments are moderated.  This is to ensure we don’t get nasty spam comments cluttering up the lists.  However, once you’ve had one comment approved any further comments you make should automatically go through.  So please, don’t post twice just because your comment doesn’t go through right away unless you have new information to add 🙂  I encourage you to comment in the Sign Up post to get your approval out of the way.